Patented, disruptive Flight Simulator with unrestricted 360 degree rotation on Yaw, Roll & Pitch, and Linear motion for Heave.


  • Global Flight Simulator Training market expected $40B+ by 2025.
  • Global additional 600,000 Pilot’s required by 2025.


  • Targeted production & delivery by 2024
  • We are currently in Engineering / Architecture phase for prototype development
  • Seeking Funding / Collaboration / Partnership


  • Expected FAA, EASA and other agency certification by 2024
  • Qualifies for Certification sought for Advanced Flight Training Device (AFTD- level 6 & 7) to FFS (level C & D)
360 degrees on Yaw, Roll & Pitch

Introducing the Smart Phone of Flight Simulator

Patented Flight Simulator, designed from scratch to benefit pilots & aviation training industry. Changing the way pilots are trained in traditional simulators currently available, designed to address the limitations of current flight simulator and meet growing pilot training demand.

Simulator has unrestricted 360 degree rotation on Yaw, Roll & Pitch and Linear motion for Heave.

Why Choose us?

Saturn simulator is designed and will be engineered leveraging latest available technological advances, which was not possible 20-30 years back.
Saturn sim’s comparatively low acquisition cost, coupled with patented features will set new norm and training standard.


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